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It's an update! [Sep. 22nd, 2009|01:34 am]
[Status |aggravatedaggravated]

I was hanging around with bestest friend April (who lives in Emeryville (it's right next to San Francisco) but is visiting her old stomping grounds and sleeping on the couch here)(double bubble!) and we were checking out the internets as we are prone to do. On said internets, I came across a review site via twitter called e4g.info which may possibly be the funniest gaming related website I have ever seen. How can it be so funny? Why, with the power of the english language of course, which means I can do the same via copy-pasting some highlights, but it's not the same unless you get the full context of the 'reviews'.
Beatles: Rock Band
Beatles Rock Band emphasizes the Beatles era and gives the player the feeling of being at the show alongside some of your hero’s. Unfortunately any of your previously downloaded songs from other Rock Band games will not be compatible with Beatles Rock Band, and the games short but respectable soundtrack will leave you waiting for Harmonix release of new songs for the game. Yet, due to the lack of some popular songs and The Beatles General simplicity, will make the game easy for any music game veterans, and may be completed within hours upon purchase.
The multiplayer is perfectly executed and deserves a job well done with all the weapons, modes and stuff you can do in the environment. Other than that it’s just a basic 3rd person shooter Multiplayer mode.

See? It's pure comedy. From the usage of Beatles era, giving feelings of attending shows with hero's, and the usage of general as a capital letter. I just.. wow, I am in shock, how the fuck anyone gets off calling that a good line. I think the writer has some sort of split personality in the Uncharted review. Let me reenact his writing process.

The reviewer then takes a moment to compose himself before speaking again, and realizes that nothing is great.
"Well, it's a job well done with the weapons and such, and I can do things in this environment. Hell, aside from the
perfection, it's nothing special and is basic aside from all the original crap. I wish I had drugs to stabilize me".
Soon he is breaking down in tears, curled up in a fetal position on the floor of his room praying for Mario to come
rescue him from the nightmare that is his life.

I may have embellished a bit on that.. but honestly, he has some of the worst reviews I have ever seen, and I have read some of the ones on GameFAQs, which is a known hive of poor writing. I am not trying to say I am sort sort of genius at writing, as I know I kind of suck fat dicks, but I should really start writing reviews, as it looks like someone gave that asshole press copies of games, I could at least write a review that makes sense. I also know how to use a fucking spellcheck.
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I am freaking myself out a bit [Aug. 26th, 2009|09:37 pm]
I haven't left my house in a couple of days.
I have barely left my room.
I just can't find a reason to do so.

This scares me a little bit. I am fading out of my friends lives, I feel bad about it, but saying anything of substance just isn't happening. I don't know what I want/need.

This was an update so I can at least say I did something today aside from read manga and news. I haven't even really listened to music much. I'm not drinking booze either, it's weird.
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Hey Mike, Whatcha doing? [Jun. 16th, 2009|02:18 am]
I'm drinking Mountain Dew at 2:20 AM after I got back from hanging out with the girl I like... and her two males friends who always seem to be around her, prventing me from ever having a fucking real conversation with her to figure out if I should give the fuck up or not. Really, this shit is tired.

See, her male friends are always around her, I can't ever get her alone. She also may be fucking one of them, if she is interested in me... would she be doing that? I don't think so.. but maybe? Fuck if I get girls.
Then there is the fact she knows I like her.
Then she gets very close with me for hours at a party and we go off and talk for a bit, just the two of us.

Then the next day always around friends, can't ever get her alone.

Seriously, what the fuck, why can't she or any of them just say what they think?
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I know why I am here [May. 15th, 2009|09:36 pm]
I exist to be my mother's verbal punching bag. Which I am terrible at as I tell her to go fuck herself.
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Work [May. 15th, 2009|01:06 am]
I kind of enjoy my job, I like Lucas (my boss) the pay is good , it's just hard to plan around.
I still would love to get back in a chair and be office type, but I despise ties.

Really, one day I will make the world realize that suits and ties just mean that someone is trying to make you think they are smart. Real smart people are out of touch on style.

Never trust a suit or a sweater-vest.

My other profound insight is due to RPGs.

I call it the BCE.
In RPGs, the larger a characters chest is, the better she is at melee. Observe Final Fantasy games, where with exception to FFX the larger the boobs, the better the melee damage was.
Sacred 2 has it in spades as well.
For male characters, observe the size of their shoulder pads to see their combat prowess.
It's all kind of silly.
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Things keep happening!!! [May. 11th, 2009|08:51 pm]
[Status |stressedstressed]

So my plans for tomorrow got canceled due to work.
I made plans to hang out a while ago, but today my boss said that I was working from 3pm until... 8 or so. Agh!
Wednesday? He isn't sure
Thursday? Who knows!?
Friday? He isn't sure either.

I am starting to get stressed out by my complete inability to make any plans at all during the week. As sometimes, I also don't have work, but don't know until the day of.

I also just got an email telling me I need to start paying my student loan.
I need to pay off my credit card.
Unemployment money has yet to reach me.
My car needs repairs.

I need a drink.
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Agh [Mar. 26th, 2009|03:27 am]
The slight sense that things are not going my way keeps getting worse. It's like there is a ball of stress in my head, and it keeps getting bigger and bigger every day, just a teeny tiny little bit. But my head is only so large, and soon the stress and worry will cause my head to explode in a grisly manner.

You all better pick up the head bits, I don't want animals to eat them.
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FUCK [Mar. 8th, 2009|09:40 pm]
My headphones are broken.

I can't use my speakers ever because my mom goes to sleep around midnight every night and Jeff the dude who smells horrible who rents a room sleeps all day. So I get maybe an hour some nights if I am lucky between the time Jeff wakes up and my mom goes to sleep where I can have audio until I buy new headphones.

I also am slightly worried about my car, and I haven't gotten unemployment funds yet.

I haven't gotten a physical interview or more than a cursory phone interview.

I am becoming even more afraid of things.

I don't know what the fuck is going on with Holly.
Sometimes when I see her, I feel happy and warm, and other times, I just don't care about her, and I don't really know why the fuck she even likes me, since she seems to dislike everything that is geeky in my life. What am I fucking doing?
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I got a bad feeling [Mar. 3rd, 2009|02:15 am]
No job, not doing great in school, not sure where the rest of my life is going.

I got a sense that it won't work out for me.

This sucks.
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Question: What Am I Doing? [Jan. 28th, 2009|05:38 pm]
Answer: I am not sure.

This post isn't for attention, I am just trying to figure out myself and decided writing would be the best way at the moment.

There is an awesome girl who really likes me, I am not sure how I really feel about her yet, I should like her quite a bit, but... I am afraid to.

I skipped my French class again. I haven't been there in at least a week I think. I am afraid of showing up now, as I am behind, I will feel horrible in there. I hate the group structure, I hate being called on, the whole feeling of the class is that I don't get it and I get looked down on. I don't want to go for it.

I also skipped Theater class, even though I enjoy it, even with the urge to slap half the kids in there who won't shut the fuck up ever. I didn't go today because the drive is long, and the classes are short. I didn't do anything today really. I kinda hate myself over it.
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